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Silk Sonic Drops Roll Bounce Single “Skate”

Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak are a vocal match made in heaven. Their band “Silk Sonic” is the 70s revamp like one never could have imagined, enlightening the younger generations on the music their parents used to dance the night away to.

The band has promised its newborn followers that their soulful debut album “An Evening with Silk Sonic” is on the way. Details of when this project will release have been kept under wraps up to this point, but the group has been faithful in releasing tantalizing clues of what to expect when it does arrive.

Silk Sonic’s first single “Leave the Door Open” was the test run. Quickly, it became one of those songs that can stream thousands of times on the radio before you get tired of it. After only a few listens you’ll know every word. It was an anticipated hit, being the first song of arguably one of the finest musical collaborations of the 21st century. Whether it's through a sensational and lasting Grammys performance with matching glossy suits and boy-band-like stage formation or strategic music video production showcasing an impassioned studio session with Sonic, the band’s marketing has been to a tee. Little did we know Silk Sonic was leaving the door open for another single before their official album release.

On July 30th the velvety musicians gave us another taste of their upcoming project. Silk Sonic's "Skate" snuck its way onto over 10 official Apple Music Playlists, including "R&B Now" and "Party Starters" upon its release. It also appears on Spotify’s “Today’s Top Hits” playlist.

“The track is off to a rapid start on radio, with 6.9 million in audience in just three days to prompt a No. 23 debut on R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay. The entrance is the highest for any title since Drake’s “Toosie Slide” raced in at No. 22 in April 2020,” Billboard states.

The feel-good ballad has an inviting upbeat melody that will have you groovin' in your seat, no matter how hard you fight it. Its beat mimics the pace of those four wheels gliding across the rink as Mars and Paak serenade your ears with catchy verses about skating and love. Now, another Silk Sonic music video has been released. Viewers are met, yet again, with flashy smiles and sunglasses-- a cool seduction that brings nothing but serotonin.

“I never fall, but tonight you got me fallin’ for you” are lyrics only some of us can relate to when it comes to skating. The song’s music video depicts the group outside on a comfortable sunny day. Skaters weave past Silk Sonic as the guys play instruments and the set begins. Even Mars plays the bongos joyfully-- Paak on the drums next to him. YouTube comments rave with excitement and gratitude about how Silk Sonic has found the sound artists have been looking to achieve since the fabulous era itself took place.

Stepping back in time to explore the authenticity of old-school music has been a trend for years now. Music icons have been the blueprint of the music we know and love today, but it has never looked like this before. Silk Sonic is cleaning the lens of old-school renditions and showing us what real timeless music sounds like in a generation that some believe lost its touch.

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